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Richard G Green

Marshall Academy
Retired Science Teacher and Coach for the Academy's Bur Oak Savannah Restoration Project
Marshall, Michigan
I retired last year after teaching earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics at Marshall Academy. I feel strongly that science students learn best by direct experience, and lab work and field trips played a central role in my curriculum. My earth science students viewed shale and sandstone cliffs and coal seams at Grand Ledge, walked along glacial formations at Yankee Spring Recreation Area, and wound up their year with a four day trip to upper Michigan where they moved through geologic time as they traveled east from the igneous Precambrian formations on the Keweenaw Peninsula to the Cambrian and Ordovician sandstone layers of Pictured Rocks. The project that I will be talking about at the Conference is a direct outgrowth of field trips my biology students took when we were studying different southern Michigan ecosystems. We are trying to resurrect at the back of our school a specimen of the extirpated bur oak savannah which dominated the Marshall landscape at the time the first settlers arrived. By doing this, we hope to create a home for several imperiled plant species that need prairie and savannah environments and bring back threatened insects like the Monarch and other butterflies that flourish in these settings