Monique Wilhelm

University of Michigan-Flint
Lecturer, Lab Supervisor, Community Engagement Liaison
Flint, Michigan
My passion is showing students that chemistry is fun and accessible for everyone. I am a Lab Supervisor, Lecturer, and co-Advisor to the Chemistry Club at a 4-year university. I instill in my students a passion for safety and for communicating chemistry to the general public in a way to eliminate the misconception that chemistry is bad, scary, or difficult to understand. I also encourage them to work with elementary and middle school teachers to help them feel more comfortable with hands-on science. I have created the Teacher's Demo Academy where we work with local teachers to engage their students with hands-on science activities while providing them with the necessary supplies. I am currently developing Curiosity Academy, a weekly STEM club for girls in Genesee County that will begin in October. I am always looking for new ideas for my classroom, lab safety, and reaching out to others.
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