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Saturday, March 7

7:00am CST

8:00am CST

Field Trip Success: from planning to post-field trip extensions Banquet 2Erin Parker • Sandy Ling Modeling the Mechanisms of Evolution Meeting Room 201Rebecca Brewer Sickle Cell Genetics Using Gel Electrophoresis Meeting Room 203Ally Huang Chlorine Producing Units and Electrochemistry - Service Project in AP Chemistry Michigan 3Chelsea Bender pH Scale Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Brandon Watters Investigating Changes in Landscape Over Time: What Happened, When, and How Do We Know? Regency 1Christina Licari • Stephen Mattox The Next Generation of Student Stewardship: A Place-Based Watershed Education Curriculum for Middle School and Beyond Meeting Room 202Autumn Mitchell Fake news or real science? Building information literacy in today’s students Banquet 3Anne Jeannette LaSovage Conference 101 - Sat AM Michigan 1 Learn About Free, Phenomenon-Based Materials for Grades 6-8 Science Meeting Room 205Susan Olszewski MI HEARTSafe Schools: Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young Meeting Room 102Kristy Karasinski Standards Based Grading + NGSS: A Match Made in Heaven Banquet 4Vanessa Logan Wentzloff Bee Science with SAGE Modeling Banquet 1Larry Kolopajlo Promoting 3-Dimensional Science Teaching and Learning through NGSS-aligned Curricula and a Teacher Support System Governor's RoomJenna Nachazel • Chris Reimann A Penny For Your Thoughts Banquet 5Jordan Smith Making Sense of Light Regency 2Deborah Vannatter Put On Your Engineering Glasses Meeting Room 103Gary Curts Builders, Makers, and Creators: Engineering in the Elementary Classroom Capitol 3Jon Oosterman • Ben Talsma Lab and Activity Enhancements with Google Sheets Meeting Room 204Justin Faught • Connie Kemner Phenomena! Does One Size Fit All? Banquet 6Rob Keys Teaching Kids to Ride the Struggle Bus Banquet 8Laura Sloma Learning Adventures - Creative Curriculum for Classroom and Field Trip Capitol 2Chelsea OBrien Promoting Student Agency: Building interest and identity as scientists while developing student skills to plan and carry out investigations Meeting Room 101Holly Hereau • Wayne Wright Tips and Tricks for Mi-STAR Labs Banquet 7Megan Doorlag • Dawn Kahler Wire me up! Teach STEM with Hands-On Mind-Control, Cyborgs, Reflexes, Reactions... and more! Michigan 2Will Wharton

9:00am CST

Muffins for Members Michigan 1Betty Crowder • Roberta Cramer • Brian Peterson Dichoto-Me Meeting Room 204Texas Instruments Dive in! Engaging with freshwater and marine science through the Great Lakes Bowl Banquet 2Erin Parker STEM based Phenomenon for Biology to Model Form and Functions within Organisms. Banquet 6Andrew J. Frisch Where did the fat go? A biology storyline for teaching growth & cellular respiration Meeting Room 201Wendy Johnson • Cassie Oostindie More than just alcohol and water: straightforward examples of hydrogen bonding Meeting Room 102Mark Benvenuto • Hayden Cunningham • Courtney Mather One in a Million Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Brandon Watters Gravity and Marbles: A 5th graders Dream Capitol 1Brian Stroble • Jessica Stroble Touching the Untouchable: Models That Really Work - Satellite Orbits and Floating Golf Balls Meeting Room 202David Mastie Our NGSS Journey at Avondale High School: 3 Years In and Continuing Forward Banquet 4Fahmida Matin • Katie Osborn • Vanessa Logan Wentzloff Questioning Science Regency 1Ashley Driscoll • Lyndsay Mahar • Katie Stevenson Reading, Writing, Talking, and DOING Science: Literacy Strategies in the Elementary Classroom Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Rising Flood Water: Engineering Design Challenge for 3rd Graders Meeting Room 205Tom Loschiavo • Great Minds Using "Complex Instruction" Practices to Facilitate Effective Group Work Banquet 5Michelle Vanhala Geospatial Technology for the Michigan Science Standards Banquet 8Andrew Bruen • Russell Columbus Comfortable Chaos Capitol 3Steven Tezak NASA Resources, GLOBE Program and Student Research Governor's RoomDavid Bydlowski • Kevin Czajkowski • Janet Struble Model Development in Electricity and Magnetism Banquet 1Don Pata • Laura Ritter MESTA Free & Inexpensive Rock Shop Rock Shop - Exhibit HallMESTA

10:00am CST

Nature Walk in the Urban Jungle Regency 1Paul Roose Land Use and Water Quality Project-Base Learning Banquet 5Carolyn Mammen Disciplinary Literacy; Writing in Science Class Meeting Room 202Mari Maltby • Julia McBride Engaging with Socioscientific Issues Through the Media Banquet 6Kirsten D. Edwards • Carly Seeterlin Incorporating Interactive Science Notebooks into NGSS Meeting Room 203Melissa Foster • Jenna Francis Inquiry Based Chemistry Projects for Middle School Students Banquet 4Kathleen O'Connor Learning to Lead Discussions in Science: How to Talk Less so Students Learn More. Meeting Room 101Mark Olson • Naomi Sarelis NGSS Strategies that Work K-12 Capitol 1Megan Bartley • Katie Stevenson ONPAR Assessments for Middle School NGSS Aligned Curricula, including OpenSciEd and IQWST Meeting Room 103Linda Malkin Storytelling with a Twist Capitol 3Lucinda Martinelli 3D printing more than toys and gadgets instead design, engineer and create motion! Banquet 8Kyle Ondersma Adopt an Integrated K-5 STEM Program in Your Classroom Meeting Room 102Susan Olszewski Are You Moddy? Meeting Room 204Texas Instruments Engineering for Pre-K & Kindergarten Michigan 2Joan Chadde Using Models to Drive Student Understanding of the Central Dogma Meeting Room 201Mark Eberhard Energy ReWork Michigan: Energy Audit and Curriculum Training Meeting Room 205Katy Adams • Martin Morgan • Mackenzie Munro Engaging Your Students to Think and Act Like Scientists Banquet 2Dawn McCotter Help your students be better at science, life and CERs through sound reasoning Banquet 7Brian Danhoff • Lori Hall • Tony Matthys It's Too Hard to Explain! Develop Models to Construct Explanations Capitol 2Nancy Karre

11:00am CST

Equitable Systems of Learning and Assessment and Positive Student Outcomes Meeting Room 102Holly Hereau • Wayne Wright Free-flight Birds and Integrative Science Capitol 3Craig Perdue Incorporating Accessible and Engaging Anchoring Phenomena in Chemistry Banquet 6Julian Sanders Making metals and making medals: A nexus of science and art Meeting Room 203Mark Benvenuto • Steve Kosmas Break Down the Walls of Your Classroom: Enhance Science Curriculum and Engage Students with Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences! Meeting Room 202Eric Nephew • Mark Schlaudt EdReports – Do Quality Instructional Materials Matter to you? Regency 2Minna Turrell • Bo Winkler Elementary and Middle School Science and STEM Extravaganza Capitol 1Betty Crowder • Conni Crittenden Hands On + Leveled Reading= Science for ALL Meeting Room 204Deborah Vannatter Teaching Forensic Science Without Breaking Your Budget Banquet 3Kathy Mirakovits Using Anchoring Phenomena and Driving Question Boards to Spark Student Questioning Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Using NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to Create Interdisciplinary Collaboration Banquet 5Katie Torkelson-Regan • Michelle Vanhala Using Summary Tables for Sense-Making in Science Capitol 4Sydney Barosko Modeling With Mi-STAR Banquet 8Jenne Bush • Andrea Williams Experimenting with Electromagnetism Banquet 4Katelyn McCarthy Lights, Camera, Learning: Take a virtual field trip with your class! Governor's RoomRebecca Petrone • Lannis Smith STEMgineering Instruction for Elementary Students Regency 1Linnea Gibson The Henry Ford's Early Childhood Curriculum Michigan 2Alexandra Cavinee • Robert Oleary Let's DIVE-in To Engineering and the Engineering Design Process Meeting Room 104Maeve Green Field Trip - AgroLiquid and IQhub Field Trip - Self Transportation

12:00pm CST

Animal Adaptation Rotations Capitol 3Nicole Jakubowski • Meghan Kurleto • Marlenn Maicki Michigan's Frogs and Toads: 25 Years of Monitoring Capitol 4Larry Feldpausch Anti-racist science teaching methods Banquet 1Scott Milam Pigs, Hurricanes, and Surface Water, Oh My! Banquet 4Hannah Henrichsen • Stephen Mattox A Method to Encourage Recycling and Earn Cash with a Mobile App Banquet 3Mark Supal 3D Assessment of 3D Learning: Collisons! Meeting Room 204Deborah Vannatter Are Your Science Test Items High-Quality? Examining Test Items Using a Collaborative Process Meeting Room 202Heather Rottermond • Nathan Spencer Integrating white-boarding into Mi-STAR and Interactions Meeting Room 201Darci Merillat • Allison VanDriessche Making the Math and Science Connection Meeting Room 102Kristen Miller Putting the Pieces Together! Using KLEWS boards, Investigation Notebooks and Science Talk in the Elementary Classroom! Capitol 1Marie Woodman Where Are You Now??? Banquet 2Kristy Butler • Patti Richardson Incorporating Hands-On Engineering Activities/Labs into your Curriculum. Meeting Room 203Matt Baleja • Kevin Oles Mi-STAR for Newbies Banquet 7Yonee Bryant-Kuiphoff • Amanda M. Dine • Stephanie Tubman Demonstrations that Really Grab Attention! Banquet 8Mark Sheler Build Your STEM Team Banquet 6Susan Olszewski Chihuly in The Science Classroom Regency 2Jennifer Edwards • Maria Shadbolt Launching Space Science in a K-12 Classroom Regency 1Ashlie Smith • Samantha Thorsteinsen The KAMSC Astronomical Research Balloon program Banquet 5Michael Sinclair Title: Invent! Investigate! Intrigue! Applying Green Chemistry to Engineering Meeting Room 101Jonathan Baek • Erika Fatura • Jennifer Sherburn Designing 3-dimensional classroom-based assessments for measuring middle school students' knowledge-in-use of energy: A research-based systematic approach Meeting Room 205Peng He • Namsoo Shin It Can't Wait! Understanding the Importance of Learning Progression Capitol 2Nancy Karre

1:00pm CST

Design a Bird Community Governor's RoomKim Smith Kolasa An Integrated Approach to Teaching High School Earth and Space Science Standards Meeting Room 104Rebecca Caldwell • Jennifer Garland Using a School Rock Garden to Teach Rocks and Minerals Banquet 4Ryanne Lezotte • Stephen Mattox Invading Our Classrooms: Reducing Aquatic Invasive Species Use in Education Meeting Room 201Beth Christiansen Restoration of Southern Michigan's Original Bur Oak Savannah Meeting Room 203Richard G Green Water Quality: Developing Citizen Scientists Banquet 8Jackie Murray Grab their Attention with Gizmos! Regency 2Diana Markley • Julie Parks High-Tech, Low-Cost NGSS Investigations for Physical Science Banquet 6Emily Cizmas STEP UP - Encouraging young women in physics Meeting Room 202Laura Sloma A High School's Stem Day Experience at The University of Michigan- John Glenn HS (Westland) Capitol 4Greg Cooper • Haley Kalis Keep the Spark Growing with STEM! Banquet 3Connie Eisenhart The STEM Classroom Regency 1Rebecca Shankster Modeling the Flint Water Crisis with Pennies Banquet 1Monique Wilhelm Solar Heat Collectors: A Single PBL Project to “3R” them All! Capitol 3Jesse Arp • Richard Eberly • Sarah Eberly Aquaculture 101: Engaging students through fish, food and so much more Meeting Room 101Elliot Nelson Sequencing for SEL and Productive Talk Banquet 2Lucinda Martinelli Windpower Challenge Banquet 5Kevin Stedman Computer Science in Mi-STAR Banquet 7Chuck Palosaari • Lindsey Watch Saving the World through Engineering Meeting Room 204Deborah Vannatter

2:00pm CST

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