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Friday, March 6

8:00am CST

Science and the Disciplinary Literacy Essentials Banquet 6Mary Starr • James Emmerling Designing Track Traps: Getting Students Outside while Tracking Down NGSS Engineering Standards Meeting Room 204William Hodges Evolution: Embryology Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp This (taste) Bud's For You! The Bitter Truth Behind Being a Non-Taster in a Family of Bitter Tasters Meeting Room 101Joyce Zimmer It's Melting! Banquet 5Kristy Butler • Jason Colegrove Using Computational Thinking Practices to Create Better Problem Solvers! Capitol 3Jessica Ashley • Lisa Burke • Katie Stevenson Human Population: Where Its Been and Its likely Future Banquet 8Larry Feldpausch ALL Learners Succeed in Co-taught Classes Regency 2Kate Hojnacki • Heater Moskal Conference 101 - Fri AM Michigan 1Christie Morrison Thomas Making the Most Out of Your First 5 Years Teaching Regency 1Vanessa Logan Wentzloff ONPAR Assessments for Middle School NGSS Aligned Curricula, including OpenSciEd and IQWST Meeting Room 103Linda Malkin Providing Secondary Teachers and Students with Comprehensive Skills and Strategies To Accomplish The Intended Vision Of The SEP and CCC Banquet 1Laura Chambless • Minna Turrell Think! Energy Michigan 3Chaise Ewert-Meyer • Tammi Phillippe • Robin Reinarts Great Lakes Floor Map - Watersheds, River Systems, Environmental Science and More! Banquet 4Chelsea Nester Mi-STAR Information Session: What's New for 2020? Banquet 7Doug Oppliger • Stephanie Tubman If you can't see it...how do you know it's there? Governor's RoomIsrael Touitou • Angela Kolonich STEM Power Communities Banquet 2Christine Kelly Enhance Science Practices and Data Literacy Using HHMI BioInteractive Resources Meeting Room 201Mark Eberhard The Opioid Epidemic: Exploring the Genetic Associations of Opioid Abuse Capitol 1Tamica Stubbs TCI Bring Science Alive!: Preserving Frog and Bat Interactions with Engineering Meeting Room 202Matt Moorman Let's Go Outside: Taking science to the great outdoors! Meeting Room 203Becky Durling • Natalie Elkins Literacy Connections: Adding Rigor to Science Literacy with STEMscopes Capitol 4Maeve Green Hands-On With New Tools in Electricity and Magnetism Meeting Room 205Sebastian Jolta • Don Pata

9:00am CST

Eggstra! Extra! Capitol 2Michelle Blodgett Phenomena and the Web of Life Regency 2Deborah Vannatter Tools for Thinking (not Worksheets) Banquet 3Emily Pohlonski • Christie Morrison Thomas What is a Species Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Shannon Mareski Teach AP Computer Science or MS Computer Science with Code.org Michigan 2Larry Wyn Classification Conundrum: Planets - Terrestrial, Gas Giant, Ice Giant, or Dwarf? Banquet 4Cris L. DeWolf • Lisa DeWolf How to Become a Certified Environmental Educator Meeting Room 204Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck By Design: The Mi-STAR method for developing NGSS-aligned assessments Banquet 7Barb McIntyre • Chris Wojick Does it make sense? Regency 1Jeanane Charara • Melissa Renko Google Class Room Banquet 6Catherine Hamilton I've Searched Everywhere. Found! A K-5 Science Curriculum Meeting Room 102Mike Fine • Bo Winkler It’s not just the curriculum! How to use district science leaders to support elementary science education. Michigan 3Amy Bohm • Andrea Brook • Pamela Moreman Keynote: Unlocking our potential: Leveraging crosscutting concepts as a path to science agency and identity Banquet 5Aneesha Badrinarayan Teaching Science to Dyslexic Students Banquet 2Cynthia Duncan • Simon Duncan Using Anchoring Phenomena and Driving Question Boards to Spark Student Questioning Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Read-Aloud Two Ways Banquet 1Wendi Vogel DNA Forensics Solves the Murder Mystery of Dr. Ward Meeting Room 101Kathy Mirakovits Health in Our Hands: Using 3-D Formative Assessments to Inform Student Learning and Support Teachers’ 3-D Practices Governor's RoomAshley Booker • Consuelo Morales • Jenna Nachazel Using Criteria, Constraints, and a Decision Matrix to Make Curriculum Decisions Banquet 8Chris Geerer • Alex Gulyas MESTA Free & Inexpensive Rock Shop Rock Shop - Exhibit HallMESTA

10:00am CST

What's New with Modeling Instruction Capitol 1Mike Gallagher Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Shannon Mareski Making Your Own POGILs Meeting Room 201Chandler Missig Enhancements to particle models for explaining conductivity and related thermal phenomena. Michigan 2Trevor Goff • Scott Milam Everything is Connected: Hands-on Human Ecology for Young Students Capitol 4Amanda Syers One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Great Lakes Fish ID Meeting Room 203Jonathan Massung • Tracy Page Addressing English Language Learners in a Science Class Regency 2Thomas Long Consensus Meetings in Science: Making Student Thinking Visible & Incorporating Student Voice Banquet 3Tiffany Henfling Engineering the Future Meeting Room 103Gary Curts High School Science Networking Session Banquet 1Lory Thayer • Wendi Vogel Keynote: Building on Young Children’s Curiosity: Lessons from the SOLID Start (Science, Oral Language, and Literacy Development from the Start of School) Project Banquet 5Amelia Gotwals • Tanya S. Wright Making it Real... Cheap! Regency 1Darrick Gregory • Julie Hahn • Jodi Heaney Nature Journaling: Blending Art and Science Meeting Room 204Misty Klotz • Meredith Zettlemoyer The Great Escape Capitol 2Monica Wadler Reading, Writing, Reasoning: Using science informational texts to achieve reading and writing standards Capitol 3Kathy Agee NGSS aligned curriculum and teacher pedagogy at the high school level - a practical approach Meeting Room 202Israel Touitou Increase Enrollment and Improve Achievement in AP Science Michigan 1Susan Olszewski At Least 7 Sneaky Ways To Get Students Using Questioning Independently Michigan 3Cheryl Matas Building Capacity with Teacher Leader Corps Meeting Room 102Elisha Laninga • Heather Luoto • Kevin St. Onge Emphasis on the E in STEM! Meeting Room 205Jason Beatty • Barb Land Assessment Fixer-Upper: Learn to assess "knowledge in use" with Item Clusters Banquet 6Jessica Ashley Do we REALLY know ourselves and our students? Ensuring "all students" really DOES mean "all students" Banquet 4Jill Griffin Mi-STAR’s assessment tools for NGSS - how to make them work for you Banquet 7Barb McIntyre • Ashley Poole Spin Art, STEAM from Parts to Art Banquet 2Michele Bielby • Kelly Swales Field Trip - Michigan State University Museum Field Trip - Bus from Lansing Center

11:00am CST

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Shuffle Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Shannon Mareski Show me the MOO-ney! Determine the Genetics of a CA$H-Cow Meeting Room 101Joyce Zimmer The Walking Dead: Deer, Disease and Science Meeting Room 203Kevin Frailey • Julie Melotti The Island of Avogadro: Teaching the Factor-Label Method can be fun! Michigan 3Kendon Smith River Rewilding Meeting Room 204Eileen Boekestein • Brenda Perry STEM-ulating Activities on Human Ecology Michigan 1Amanda Syers A Focus on Modeling in the Phenomenon- based classroom Meeting Room 103Diane Wright AP Biology PLC Sponsored by MABT Meeting Room 201Kristy Butler • Heather Peterson • Mark Eberhard • Patti Richardson Argument and Explanation in MS Banquet 3Deborah Vannatter Panel Discussion - Coherence, Flexibility, and Pathways to HS Proficiency Banquet 5Rich Bacolor Providing Elementary Teachers and Students with Comprehensive Skills and Strategies To Accomplish The Intended Vision Of The SEP and CCC Banquet 1Laura Chambless • Minna Turrell Science is for the Birds! - Using Literacy and Discourse to Solve Problems in Elementary Science Governor's RoomSue Codere Kelly • Amy Lazarowicz • Moira Thomas Success in the Changing Science Classroom Regency 1Laura Hagen The Crosscutting Concepts as Suites of Questions Guiding Development of Explanations Meeting Room 205Joyce Parker The Chemistry of Taste- Using Computational and Systems Thinking in Elementary Classrooms Meeting Room 202Danita Byrd • Cory Susanne Miller • Amber Richmond Using Field Trips to Ignite Student Interest in STEM Regency 2Amy Emmert • June Teisan • Sandra Yarema Integrating Computation in Science Across Michigan - Teacher Professional Development Capitol 2Danny Caballero • Paul Irving • Daniel Weller Healthy Grading: A Moral Imperative Capitol 1Don Pata STEM, Makerspace and Tech for Elementary Capitol 3Diana Matthews • Lisa Morgan Think in Pictures: Like Temple Grandin Meeting Room 102Michelle Blodgett Zoo Exhibit Design Challenge Brings STEM to Life Banquet 8Megan Burkhart • Rhiannon Mulligan Field Trip - Michigan State University Cyclotron Lab Field Trip - Bus from Lansing Center

1:00pm CST

Biology Interactive Learning Logs Regency 1Lara Gusty • Stephanie Niedermeyer HHMI Bioactive Movie Matinee - From Antsto Grizzlies: A General Rule for Saving Biodiversity Banquet 6Mark Eberhard How to Start Biology and Chemistry NGSS Units using Driving Question Boards to Investigate Phenomena Meeting Room 201Andrea McCune • Lauren Nacy Mammal Mania Meeting Room 203Kevin Frailey Trick or Treat! Discover What Color Our Candy Really Is Using Electropho-REESE's. Meeting Room 101Richard Chan Seeing the Unseeable: Models That Really Work - Tetrahedrons and Magnetometers Meeting Room 205David Mastie Chasing Windmills! - Using Energy, Engineering, and Explanations in Elementary Science Classrooms Governor's RoomChiara Kirkland • Michelle Neelands • Deborah Peek-Brown Make Time for Science with Project-Based Learning Capitol 2Terra Tarango Panel Discussion - The Future of Science Teaching in Michigan Banquet 5Rich Bacolor Supporting K-2 Student Science Talk Through Purposeful Reflection on Teaching Practices Capitol 1Tanya S. Wright • Blythe Anderson • Amelia Gotwals • Eleanor Kenimer • Arianna Pikus Who gets to be a Smart Science Student in your Classroom? Banquet 3Christie Morrison Thomas Why aren’t they talking? Tips and Strategies for More Productive Discourse in Science Banquet 2Laura Ritter Energy: Hot Bulbs Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp Put On Your Engineering Glasses Meeting Room 103Gary Curts Creating Nature Makerspace Boxes Meeting Room 204Ashlie Smith Explore the Great Lakes: A learner-centered approach with PBS Learning Media and local public television Meeting Room 102Gary Abud, Jr • Sandra Svoboda Grant Writing 101: Find the Fund$ for STEM Michigan 3June Teisan Improving hypothetical protein annotation as a bioinformatic project Regency 2Laura Harris • Serena Harris TCI Bring Science Alive! How the Cookie Crumbles: The Human Impact on Earth's Systems Capitol 3Matt Moorman Of the 3 R's, which R is most important. Meeting Room 202Kathleen Klein Instructional Change through Productive Talk Walk Throughs Banquet 1Mary Burke Mi-STAR Share-a-thon: NGSS Tips, Tricks, and Tools for the Classroom Banquet 7Megan Birdwell • Luke Bowman • Stephanie Tubman Understanding Light and Optics by Mark Davids Banquet 8Mark Davids • Sebastian Jolta Developing Little Engineers! Engineering Design in the K-5 Classroom Capitol 4Tom Gantt Did You Know That all of the Graduation Requirements Can Be Met while Maintaining a STEM focus? Let's Talk About the MMC Flexibility! Banquet 4Rashell Bowerman STEM in the Preschool and Early Elementary Classroom Michigan 2Laura Franey • Lisa Ogiemwonyi

1:30pm CST

2:00pm CST

Growing Student Engagement with an Imaginary Garden Michigan 1Britney Christensen • Gabe Knowles P51 Glow Labs to Investigate DNA Structure, Enzyme Activity and Synthetic Biology Meeting Room 102Ally Huang Who is Baby Whale’s Father? DNA Fingerprinting Solves the Mystery! Meeting Room 101Richard Chan Chemistry to make Students React Meeting Room 103Gary Curts Investigating Data on Great Lakes & Climate Meeting Room 204Dave Chapman Land, Water, and Human Interactions: Cutting Canyons and Building Deltas Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp Watershed Observational Walk: Teaching Science Outdoors Capitol 1Kara Haas • Roberta Howard Hunter • Eleanor Kenimer NGSS Laboratories Capitol 2Kaitlyn Johnson We Love to Hate Assessments - Let's Do Something About It! Banquet 2Aneesha Badrinarayan Building Community Partnerships to Forge Equitable, Enriching STEM Teaching and Learning Michigan 3June Teisan Guess Who’s Back, Back Again: The Benefits of Multiple Touchpoint STEM programs. Regency 1Rebecca Petrone • Andrea Reynolds • Lannis Smith STEM from Nature Aquatic Adventure Meeting Room 203Tracy Page Organism Engineering Meeting Room 201Kristy Butler • Patti Richardson Let’s Engage Students through Phenomena-based Science Instruction Meeting Room 205Maeve Green Engaging students in system thinking and computational thinking via computational modeling software Governor's RoomJonathan Bowers • Emil Eidin • Israel Touitou Mission to Mars - Space Launch System Design Challenge Banquet 5Maranda Brunner • Janelle Orange

3:00pm CST

Conservation Project: Penguins Regency 1Claire Lannoye-Hall • Sandy Ling Earth Science Downtown Field Trip Capitol 3Lu Anne Cuthbert Calling All Carbons Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp Conservation Districts and Differentiating between Point Source and Nonpoint Source Pollution Meeting Room 203Seth Gibson • Katie Hafner The Rise of the Revised MEECS Meeting Room 204Gabrielle Likavec Celebration of Astronomy's Great Debate Meeting Room 202Norbert Vance Get Outside with Science! Citizen Science and Opportunities for Authentic Learning Banquet 1Linnea Gibson Reading, Writing, Talking, and DOING Science: Literacy Strategies in the Elementary Classroom Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Teachers of Science are Agents of Change Michigan 3Jane Rice The Beaver Island Institute Summer Professional Development Banquet 8Karyn McConachie • Todd Starry Engaging Kids and Community Through Project-based STEM Banquet 6Jacob Dohrmann Hello my name is... Banquet 4Amelia Miller Infusing Informal STEM Learning Opportunities into your Classroom Regency 2Adrianne Cole • Dr. Betsy Diegel Let's MAKE Science Even More Amazing! Banquet 3John Phillips • Ann Smart Field Trip - Preuss Pets (SOLD OUT) Field Trip - Bus from Lansing Center The Hunt for Huntington's Disease Meeting Room 101Mrs. Amanda J. Pratt Safety for the Win Meeting Room 102Monique Wilhelm Student-Generated Questions to Lead Investigations: Students “Driving the Bus” Banquet 7Emily Gochis • Kim Smith Kolasa • Jennifer Pera Engineering in Middle School with Phenomenal Instruction Capitol 4Tom Gantt

4:00pm CST

Biology's Best with Plants! Meeting Room 201Heather Peterson Flying Wild and Ebird for Educators– Resources to incorporate bird migration and conservation into curricula. Meeting Room 203Kathleen Dougherty Keep Invasive Species Out of the Classroom Regency 2Paige Filice Meet the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center and our Michigan Fisheries Education Initiative! Banquet 6Natalie Cypher • Katie Gillies • Catie Olszewski Pro-Tips for (free) NGSS-Aligned Carbon TIME units Governor's RoomChristie Morrison Thomas Favorite Demos do fit with NGSS! Banquet 3Kristen Garavaglia • Mary Jordan McMaster Exploring Earth’s Systems Meeting Room 103Gary Curts A River Runs Through It Meeting Room 204Samantha Lichtenwald Using H2O Q Banquet 8John Gordon • Dale Lecaptain My calculator can be a thermometer, pH sensor, and motion detector? Regency 1Texas Instruments Open SciEd - An Open Education Resource Curriculum for Middle School Banquet 1Mary Starr • James Emmerling Putting the Pieces Together: Supporting Synthesis Discussions in K-2 Science Classrooms Michigan 2Kirsten D. Edwards • Amber Bismack • Tanya S. Wright • Amelia Gotwals • JoAnne West Science Modeling, My trials and Tribulations and why I still believe in it. Capitol 3Lynnelle Buchanan Science Vocabulary: Turning Research into Practice Meeting Room 202Karen Kudla The Language of Science Michigan 3Debra Jewell • Jami Neubecker The Matrix, Fully Loaded: Sharing Best Practice in the Science Classroom Meeting Room 205Lucinda Martinelli Field Trip Metamorphosis: Transform One-Off Trips into Vibrant Place-Based Learning Experiences Banquet 5Amy Emmert • June Teisan

6:00pm CST

7:00pm CST

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